Response to Inappropriately Equating Black Lives Matter with Kashmir

by SAHF Team

Contributors to the South Asian Heritage Forum have been wary of all sorts of faux comparisons being made by some members in our South Asian community, comparisons that distract from the urgent issues of systemic racism and policy brutality against African Americans. One such area where some individuals and groups have attempted to appropriate the Black Lives Matter Movement to suit their political narratives is about the issue of Kashmir.

For instance, take a look at these posts:

This attempt by some in our South Asian community to continuously turn the #BlackLivesMatter Movement into a version of #AllLivesMatter is just inappropriate and distracting from the mission of African American liberation from systemic racism and police brutality.

Hence, we bring you the words of a Kashmiri Activist, a contributor to the South Asian Heritage Forum, who is calling out such blatant attempts of appropriation in an attempt to stop members of their own community from misappropriating the #BlackLivesMatter Movement into a form of #AllLivesMatter.

No, Kashmiris do not know what black Americans face. No, not all minority suffering is the same. No, I promise you Minnesota police did not have to travel to India or Israel to learn any form of brutality, they learned it right here. Hundreds of years of injustice, discrimination and subhuman treatment will do it. This is not the time to do a bundle package and stand in solidarity because “we relate”. In fact, we don’t. We stand in solidarity because we are human. Tailing on another races’ injustice to peddle your own is extremely insensitive and sickening. Newsflash, no one on the streets of Minneapolis was asking for a separate land: they cried for equal rights.

Unpopular opinion: not all (People of Color) POCs can claim to encounter POC problems. A non-black minority (me/my people) do not have the ability to say their suffering is even remotely near what the black community has faced for generations. Yes, I am looking at you Indians who try to pull that. (Insert scene from Insecure’s last episode from the pool scene “you like to be a POC when it suits you”).”

As we have highlighted in yesterday’s article, we must resist the urge in the South Asian community to appropriate the #BlackLivesMovement. Because if a conversation has to about everything, it is actually a conversation about nothing.

In Solidarity with our Black Brothers and Sisters.


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