Gaslighting Of Kashmiri Hindus: The Jagmohan Theory

by SAHF Team


Who was Jagmohan & How Is He Tied To Kashmiris Hindus?

Jagmohan Malhotra was the former Governor of Jammu and Kashmir twice between 1984 and 1990. The day Jagmohan was appointed Governor the second time was the same day Kashmiri Pandits (Hindus) mark as the start of their forced exodus and ethnic cleansing, January 19 1990. His tenure as the Governor is a point of contention depending on who you ask.

Gaslighting of Kashmiri Hindus Through The Jagmohan Theory

It is claimed by those that seek to gaslight the experiences of Kashmiri Pandits that Jagmohan was appointed purposefully both times by the central government to replace the elected, popular Chief Minister in the state as unrest and violence instigated by the separatist movement was on the rise. His tenure, by some, has been painted to be full of crackdown operations, curfews, and massacres. Many claim he orchestrated and facilitated the “migration” of Kashmiri Pandits out of the valley by providing trucks and logistical assistance to expedite their departure to Jammu in an effort to create a vacuum in Kashmir of just Muslims. This claim, or rather conspiracy theory, is often used to deny the true events that occurred in Kashmir and to minimize the pain and trauma experienced by Kashmiri Hindus at the hand of Islamist extremists and their own neighbors.

Why Did Kashmiri Pandits Actually Flee in the 1990s?

Those Kashmiri Pandits who were lucky to survive the violent, targeted onslaught of the events that ensued in the 1990s will tell you the truth. They did not flee their ancestral homes because a truck provided by Governor Jagmohan was waiting outside their doorstep. They did not need government assistance to depart the valley as they were generally known to be an educated and financially stable community. The irrefutable truth is that Kashmiri Pandits were driven from their homes after a campaign of intimidation, harassment, Hinduphobia, and bigotry was launched against them by a separatist movement that had no interest in co-existing with them.

To Kashmiri Pandits, no matter what is said about other actions Jagmohan had taken during his time in office, they vehemently deny Jagmohan played a factor in their ethnic cleansing. Because ultimately, they remember the faces of the terrorists that came in the middle of the night to taunt and kill them. They remember the slogans chanted in the processions that marched by their homes, including one deeply disturbing one that demanded they either convert to Islam, leave the Kashmir Valley, or get murdered. They remember what led their families to leave all they knew behind. No one should rewrite the stories of trauma victims, only they hold the truth.


Put simply, the Jagmohan Theory is completely nonsensical. It denies the lived experiences of Kashmiri Hindu Pandits and is used by majoritarians from Kashmir to whitewash and gaslight the experiences and suffering of Kashmiri Pandits.

Picture Credit: [AP Photo/Manish Swarup] [Daylife] 

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  1. Jay

    India is currently being the only civilization in the world that is doing the course correction on the historical wrongs.
    It hurts many people because it brings into the mainstream discussion, those wrongs. Unfortunately, instead of closing those discussions by accepting the corrections, pseudo-liberals, pseudo-seculars and leftists are engaging in either justifying those wrongs (like Barkha Dutt) or gaslighting the very victims. 


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